Tango night at the Black Dog in Lowertown, Saint Paul. (Photo: Y Entonces/Flickr)

Funny how two people
can get the feel of each other in two bars
two bars of a tango
a woman from the top of the world
a man from the bottom of the world
in the middle of a circus
in the middle of an industrial zone en el Rio Plata
in the middle of Buenos Aires.
Funny how they can take each other’s measure
and throw it away
to course into a Piazzola tango, torso to torso
transmitting questions and answers
two birds mating in the sky wings akimbo
dancing the dance of love
Cuidado! Losing altitude! Hitch’er up!
Ooooooooooooooooooo song’s ending
even birds mating in the sky are finite
sink her over and atop your body
head cradled like a baby

Molly Culligan’s life has revolved around Saint Paul. Act I: Third of six in the John and Margaret Culligan family. Act II: Motherhood. Act III: Actor, dancer, director, producer, writer, editor, poet, coach. Peace work figures large. She presents readings of her poetry on life, death, and the tango. She performs as Meridel Le Sueur and other writers.

Photo courtesy Y Entonces. Visit Dan’s photostream on Flickr.

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Tagged: 2010