Community Editor Apprenticeship

This program educates and pays individuals, 16 to 80 years old, aspiring to learn writing and editing skills that produce Saint Paul Almanac, a remarkable anthology of community-based stories, poems, and artwork. These creative works are often expressed by unknown and unrecognized artists.

Saint Paul Almanac’s Community Editor Apprenticeship offers an introduction to the publishing world through the work of reading and editing manuscripts for the book Saint Paul Almanac.

The Community Editor apprenticeship is the only program in Minnesota that is designed to teach an equity-focused editorial process that includes developing writing and editing skills. Learning how to assess artistic quality and identify an authentic voice are among the various skills the apprentices acquire in workshops taught by senior community editors.

Apprentices come from wide-ranging backgrounds, spanning age, ethnicity, language, gender identity, and socio-economic status. The Community Editor Apprenticeship offers experiential learning to those wanting to pursue a publishing career. Several community editors have secured entry-level positions in publishing houses after participating in our program.

Want to become a Saint Paul Almanac Community Editor?

Community editor requirements: A love for writing and reading. Potential community editors must submit a short application (see Participate). Persons ages 14 or older are welcome to participate.

Community Editor Apprenticeship Project

During the course of 12 weekly meetings, community editors/apprentice editors will:

  1. Learn how to gather poems and stories from their community
  2. Develop a system for compiling and editing an anthology
  3. Determine collectively what goes into the Saint Paul Almanac, based on criteria of quality and inclusiveness
  4. Learn how to “build a manuscript”
  5. Learn the steps in publishing a book
  6. Improve their own writing and editing through workshop sessions with professional writers
  7. Build confidence and trust in their abilities through participating in the community editor process
  8. Develop relationships with professional writers that may not occur in other contexts

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Submit Your Art or Writing

The Saint Paul Almanac brings the Saint Paul community together to share their stories, artwork, poetry and other artistic endeavors through our various projects and publications. Your passion and creativity are vital to the success of everything we do, so we welcome your submissions and participation in these ongoing or upcoming projects.

We are currently closed to submissions for Vol. 13. We plan to publish the edition when possible.

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