Selby Avenue in Spring (Photo: Teresa Boardman/Flickr CC)

The sweet smell of lilacs
drifts over the city like a blessing.
Yesterday was winter,
today blooms radiant spring.
Cafe tables unfurl up and down Selby Avenue,
an old man shares a croissant with his dog,
joggers and tubs of pansies claim the sidewalk.
Sunshine glints off the cross on the cathedral,
fracturing golden light into tiny pieces of glory.


Marianne McNamara has strong favorable biases toward mysteries, ice cream, sidewalks, Italian food, watching snow fall . . . and writing. Her hard drive is full of works in progress; some she’ll finish sooner and some later. She never deletes anything. Marianne has been writing poetry for about fifteen years. Her work has appeared in Lake Country Journal, Talking Stick, County Lines, and Dust and Fire.

Selby Ave in Spring photo courtesy of Teresa Boardman. Browse Teresa’s photostream on Flickr.