(Photo: Philip Kaiyalethe)
(Photo: Philip Kaiyalethe)

The midnight sky is bright

with the light of new snow.

Rooftops have gone missing.

Evergreens have gone white.

Across the road, chimney

smoke curls, traffic slows,

silence grows. It is winter

and the freeze is upon us.

Drifts rise, beautiful

and deep as my memory

of him, gone this long year,

missed as the silence grows.


Carol Connolly was appointed by Mayor Chris Coleman as Saint Paul’s first poet laureate. She is a longtime media columnist, and curates and hosts the monthly Readings by Writers series, now in its fourteenth year, at the historic University Club of Saint Paul. Her book of poems Payments Due is in its fifth printing from Midwest Villages and Voices, a press founded by the late, great poet Meridel LeSueur. Connolly’s recent book of poems is All This and More (Nodin Press).

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