The Saint Paul Almanac is now taking writing and art submissions for the upcoming Vol. 13 edition

We look forward to getting your submissions!

This year we will only be accepting one written submission per selected author, with limit of 4 submissions per author.

Please do not include your name or identifying information in the body of the submission.

In thinking about your submission here is a note from one of our senior editors:

Submissions to the Saint Paul Almanac should be about Saint Paul. Editors often interpret “about Saint Paul” broadly, but you’re best served making Saint Paul connections clear. If it helps your case to do so, add an author’s note explaining why the piece is about Saint Paul. As a general guide, in order to meet the about Saint Paul standard, submissions should be:

About Saint Paul directly – specifically about people, places, and things in Saint Paul – past, present, or future;

or written by a St. Paul resident and not specifically (or only) about a non-St. Paul person, place or thing. For example, we would be less interested in a piece only about Minneapolis or a piece about Beyonce, or a piece about dessert cacti, but we might have interest in a piece written by an immigrant, now living in Saint Paul, describing what their life was like before they came to Saint Paul.

or about Saint Paul indirectly – a piece describing a Saint Paul person or place or thing without specifically saying the person or place or thing is in Saint Paul. A piece about the art in city hall need not say “this is a piece about art hanging in city hall,” but it might be helpful to add that as an author’s note. Editors can usually connect to pieces with references to lesser known landmarks in St. Paul. Editors usually appreciate pieces with subtle or obscure references to St. Paul. – Michael Kleber-Diggs

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