Art by Maya Rose

Mears Park

By Martin Devaney ● 2016

Where I first put my arm around you. Clad in red coats and autumn hats, we walked from the Farmers’ Market, bags of basil in hand, then arm in arm. The dog waited.

I Loved You


I loved you, and I probably still do And for a while the feeling may remain But let my love no longer trouble you, I do not wish to cause you any pain...

The Sweetest Kiss in Saint Paul


As you go through life you get kisses you remember forever. There is the kiss you get in the parking lot of Porky’s Drive-In when you are fifteen. There is the first kiss that tells you this is the girl you are going to marry someday.

Poem: My Chocolate


The warmth of his hands that wrap mine in the winters of Valentine love, The tall body that pulls my eyes to recognize him from behind and far away, The name that I call out just to hear his strong unique voice, The gentle look in his eyes that melt my sensations,      He’s become the replacement of my milk chocolates...

Art by Andy Singer

Elephant in the Room

By Susan Koefod ● 2012

One day, Darby and Marcella were quietly having lunch at a Galtier Plaza skyway table. Both worked at Cray Research, he in testing and she in quality assurance. Marcella had just unwrapped her jelly sandwich when Darby popped his question. “What’s the difference between an elephant and a flea?” Marcella opened the small spiral notebook she brought every day to lunch, and began to write the question down, but then paused. She removed another notebook from her purse and flipped through it rapidly. “Aha,” she announced. “October 14th.”