The steady drum beat.

The high trilling voices.

The whipping colors

of the people.




The soft stomping of

moccasins upon the earth

matching the shush-shush

shuffle and swish of regalia.


Laughter springs up quickly

and spills everywhere

with the oooooh smells of

frybread and tacos. Ummm.




The precise layer of

clothing with every feather

placed so that all is presented

the right, good way.


Greetings and chin nods

say it all to friends, neighbors,

and even those who are

the “up ’n’ coming.”


The shimmer of sun, the

whistle of breezes together

pair for a perfect, blessed

long day until the night.

Ho-wah! Gotta get to the

49 or maybe see if I can

visit a bit longer before

it all ends so beautifully.

Maryam Marne Zafar A native New Yorker (Lenape-Piegan-African American-Jewish), Maryam is a fine artist and graphic designer. She attended the College of Architecture, Art & Planning at Cornell University. As a collage-lithographer, her work has been acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Queens Museum, and the Portland Museum of Art and is in private collections. As a writer, creative director and executive art director, she has worked at VOGUE, Women’s Wear Daily, Macy’s, Dayton’s-Hudson’s-Marshall Fields, and now, Beautopia LLC. Marne loves living life with a smile and much laughter, enjoying her writing, art, beading, quilting, her two cats and visiting her family and friends.

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